3-27 August 2016

As most Londoners head out of town for their August holidays, 19 greek street’s Victorian townhouse will transform into a 'pop-up tropical haven' for the faithful few staying behind.  Between the 3rd and 27th August, guests will be invited to lounge in our multi-level space, which will be furnished in our usual eclectic and colourful style.  An array of plants and hammocks will set the scene, blissful cold tea infusions (compliments of our partner, Jing) will be served, and meditative jungle and beach sounds will transport you far away...

The Tropical House will feature: 
·      First-floor social zone, where guests can mingle or work away on their laptops
·      Second-floor quiet zone, where no talking or mobiles are allowed. Books, magazines, notepads and sketchpads will be encouraged!
·      Third-floor exhibition space, showing cool designs curated by our partner Cabinet Rooms
·      Top-floor studio, where daily meditation and yoga classes will be offered free of charge. This space can also to be used as an extra-quiet refuge in between classes

In these uncertain times for the UK and London, we feel our space can bring a sense of community-building to the city and our neighbouhood, Soho.   
Our gallery will be contributing wellbeing and health-enhancing sessions ; a workspace to nurture creativity; a space to connect; and an urban oasis of calm for relaxation, all for free. In addition to providing a place to hide from the rain (or sun, we hope) during the height of summer, 19 greek street will also be offering free exhibition space to independent artists, curators and non-profit organisations who wouldn’t be able to pay show their work otherwise.

Most importantly, 19 greek street will be a space for introspection and reflection.  When Japanese design editor Kazuhisa Sadogawa visited our Art of Progress show in September 2015, he said that a few moments spent in our gallery had allowed him to reconnect to his true self. Since then, the intention of perpetuating this feeling for our future visitors has been lurking in the back of our minds. The idea finally took shape while our founder, Marc Péridis, was travelling in Brazil last winter. Spending several months on a peaceful journey, Marc forged a connection to feelings of inner peace and felt a sense of 'galvanising' a deeper creativity. A pop-up sanctuary in the middle of Soho, he thought, has the potential to do just the same for harried Londoners and Soho-ites. A fervent advocate of meditation, Marc has long been keen to offer a free space for others to practise it. Whether our Tropical House guests choose meditation, yoga, or just to sit quietly for a few hours, the benefits of spending time at 19 greek street could be huge.

We consider 19 greek street a sacred space, its energy having been recently intensified by a process called ‘Space Whispering’. In a similar way to how Feng Shui practitioners create 'chi' through principles of alignment, Space Whispering produces energetic flow using intention, brainwave entrainment and sacred stones.
In 'Whispered Spaces', meditations are deeper, people feel more creative, alive and inspired, resourcefulness is boosted, and our potential for becoming our fullest and most expanded selves is supported.

Whispered Spaces, developed by Arizona-based spiritual teacher Kenneth Ray Stubbs, is based on the ancient principals of sacred geometry, which historically has been used for designing and building structures in ways that enhance human consciousness and energy. Traditionally sacred geometry was employed in the construction of cathedrals, temples, mosques and pyramids across the world.  Whispered Spaces engages with existing buildings, such as private homes, businesses and religious structures, and energetically intensifies the vibrational patterns within them, creating a 'sacred space'.

For years, 19 greek street has been committed to promoting sustainable processes and products in various areas of design and lifestyle. Our latest project is based on the premise that the ultimate in sustainability is offering a place for people to be at peace with themselves. When we are content, we make the best choices for ourselves and for others, including our decisions about the environment and sustainability itself. It was important for us that access to this space and all its activities be absolutely free, removing all barriers to participation by everyone. The designs on show will all be available to purchase, with all profits going to fund future Tropical House pop-ups at 19 greek street.  

We look forward to welcolming you. 


3-27 August 2016
Wednesday-Saturday | 12-8pm
19 Greek Street
London W1D 4DT
Tel: +44 (0)20 7734 5594