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Sacred site vortex healing circle

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Join us for a very special Vortex healing circle, with a special focus on sacred sites. 
This 3 hour workshop will allow participants to develop an develop a better understanding of the power of sacred sites, of vortexes, and ways to embody a higher consciousness which can benefit us on a daily basis. 

Vortexes peppered across the surface of our planet behave as gateways to a world in which access to universal intelligence and valuable knowledge is available. 
When we access this knowledge and intelligence we achieve an unlocking of our deepest creativity, allowing us to live a fuller and better life on a day to day basis. 

For over 17000 years now, sacred sites have been created to mark these sites but also amplify their energy. 
In this talk by Marc Peridis, we will explore the history of sacred sites, an understanding of energy work and multi-dimensionality, we will learn how to use the knowledge of portals, gateways and sacred sites to achieve growth and development which will transform your day to day life, and a ceremonial guided meditative process will help all participants learn how to access a new infrastructure within themselves, allowing them to unlock this access. 

The workshop will begin with a theoretical exploration of the topic of sacred sites, vortexes, energy and transformative abilities. It will continue with a guided ceremony during which an alchemical process will take place, creating a field in which new abilities can be developed. We will then explore how this knowledge can best be integrated into our day to day lives through discipline and practise so the impact of it can be sustained. 

About Marc Peridis
Marc was first initiated as a shaman whilst undertaking missions through Mongolia, Liberia, and Brazil. He soon began to marry his multi-dimensional energy practise with his knowledge of interior design (his previous career) to create The Sacred Art of Transformative Spaces, a body of work based on temple-making knowledge from ancient civilisations. 
He has now undertaken missions, ceremonies and workshops across the world, and specialises in supporting clients in their explorations on the art of divine prosperity. 
The workshop will take place from 1 pm to 4 pm on Saturday 1 Sept at 19 greek street. 
The cost will be £36. 

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